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Dance Exchange in Takoma Park

Hi, all! I'm writing from Dance Exchange in Takoma Park. We've started a HOME Series this year with weekly Thursday events that run the gamut from workshops to crafts to retro parties.

THIS WEEK (October 27 7-9pm): i.v. Two for One

This month (and future ones!), I.V. is partnering with Dance Exchange to activate i.v. Two for One, a works-in-progress series not for the faint of heart! This lab is about RESEARCH. Here's how it works:

Each i.v. Two for One is the domain of TWO choreographers who get ONE hour each to share and get feedback on their work-in-progress. The artist can divide that hour as they choose: 10 minutes of sharing work allows 50 minutes of feedback; 40 minutes gives 20 left to chat. Artists are encouraged to use their time as actual research--try out a single idea or show all you've got. Then the artist will guide the audience discussion as needed to gain information about a specific idea that is particularly perplexing or ask for feedback in whatever form is useful--it's about helping the artist get what is needed to continue and grow now!

November 3 6-9pm: Retro Rendezvous

Dust off your best vintage dress and duds and pretend like you're a Mad Men extra. Multi-talented choreographer Wayles Haynes will be sharing hair styling tips and doing a demonstration from 6-7, followed by a lesson in East Coast swing from Wayles and Jason. Retro mixologist Alex Pile will be serving up some old-school cocktails as we enjoy an East Coast swing dance party. No experience necessary and a good time will be had by all!

The fee for this event is $15 per person or $25 per couple!

November 10 6-9pm: Eat Your Art Out

A chance to visit three great art-loving spaces all in one evening! We'll start at Pyramid Atlantic with a 90 minute workshop making wearable art (either a scarf, a vest, or a hat) from handmade paper. From Pyramid Atlantic, we'll progress to Dance Exchange, by foot or by car. At Dance Exchange, we'll be engaged in a short movement workshop, incorporating our new garments. We'll finish up the evening at Capital City Cheesecake, relaxing with some wine or cheesecake. $30 registration fee covers both workshops and snacks at Pyramid Atlantic and Dance Exchange. Very limited space available. Register at

November 17 7-9pm: DX 101: Critical Response Process, an introduction

It’s an open house for one of the Dance Exchange’s biggest exports, Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP). Have you ever felt any discomfort about giving or getting feedback? Most people have. Join us for this workshop if you are looking for effective ways to experience critique on art or any kind of work in progress. We’ll reflect on the values of effective feedback, learn and practice this simple-but-deep four-step process. Developed by Dance Exchange founder Liz Lerman, CRP has been in use for over 20 years and has been widely embraced by artists and educators in diverse disciplines throughout the U.S. and abroad.

There is a suggested donation of $5 for this event.

December 1 7-9pm: make & bake

This session of make & bake will be focused on holiday craft-making. We'll be making holiday cards, ornaments, and Nutcrackery adornments. Bring any projects you might be working on or we'll have supplies to help get your creative juices flowing.

There is a suggested donation of $5-$10 for this event.

December 8 7-9pm: Take the Cake: An Evening of Parlor Games

Join us for an evening of old-fashioned art-inspired parlor games. Bring your sense of whimsy and we'll provide the rest of the ingredients needed for some adult Surrealist fun. Game prizes will include homemade cakes whipped up by the talented crew of Dance Exchange bakers.

December 15 7-9pm: Nutcracker Confidential

You can’t escape THE NUTCRACKER! At Christmas it’s as unavoidable as carols, tinsel and fruitcake. Why do we love it (or hate it) so much? How much of the national dance GDP does it account for? And what’s it really like to be dancing up there as a rat, a flake or a fairy? All will be revealed at NUTCRACKER CONFIDENTIAL, an irreverent evening of stories, conversation, trivia and surprises. Expect a party atmosphere as Dance Exchange invites special guests to reveal the onstage scoop and backstage dirt on America’s favorite holiday ballet.

This event has a $10 entrance fee.

December 22 7-9pm: "Red Hips," video/dance installation by Brian Buck and Lori Yuill

Inspired by the idea of a flip book, Red Hips playfully layers 25 count phrases of the head, hips, arms, and legs to create new and unusual coordinations. The piece is a feminist’s exploration in how different parts of the body are related to one’s sense of being and what they project into and absorb from the world. The dancing in Red Hips is accompanied by live video feed to highlight the segmented quality of movement. In addition this piece explores the relationship of live performer to video image in an effort to discover a way to create a duet between a digital image and a real live human being.

Unless otherwise specified, all events will take place at:

Dance Exchange
7117 Maple Ave
Takoma Park, MD 20912

You can check out these events and more at our website.
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