fidgetmonster (fidgetmonster) wrote in bwi,

Japanese Steak House

My bf wants to go to a Japanese Steak House for his birthday--the kind where the chef cooks at the table or in front of you. (Food Porn Dinner Theater!) There are none local to us--Anyone have a good reference? The closer to Anne Arundel Co the better. Thanks!
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There is a Sakura in Annapolis, just west on 450 from the Annapolis mall. Link to all their local locations is below. I have only been to the one in Bowie, but they do a great job presentation/show-wise and the food is very tasty. It's where I learned to love the mushroom :). It is the one restaurant I go to for every birthday.
Ohh thank you! This also clears up another issue... some local people suggested Sakura but I discounted it because we were familiar with the Sakura in Glen Burnie which is just sushi and probably not affiliated with the steakhouse one. Yay, great!
I've been to Sakura (the one in Bowie also). Its probably not the best food you'll ever eat, but, as long as you're really in it for the experience, it'll be great fun.