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Odenton Jazz This Friday w/Renee Collins Georges

Odenton Jazz -- Friday Night!
Featuring Renee Collins Georges
@ The Village at Waugh Chapel Community Center

Have you felt the winter chill in the air? Are the short days and long nights getting you blue? Let your soul be soothed from 7-9 PM this Friday night, January 25th, by the vocal stylings of Renee Collins Georges, former back-up singer for Ray Charles. This is some of the best jazz we've brought you yet. You don't want to miss it! You can reserve your $8.00 tickets in advance by emailing musicschool@arkanddove.org with your name and the number of tickets you'd like us to hold by Thursday, January 24th. Tickets are $10.00 at the door, so get those reservations in! And bring a few extra bucks for dinner, provided once again by the West Arundel Lions Club.

Just a reminder that we will be at the Village at Waugh Chapel Community Center for January and February as our facilities are under construction. The Community Center is located in the Village at Waugh Chapel Shopping Center located at the intersection of Rt. 3 and Waugh Chapel Rd. The Community Center is across from Robert Andrew's Salon.

While you're at it, you can also reserve your tickets for February 15th, our special Valentine's Jazz. It's a great chance to spend some quality time with that special someone, and hear some great music, too.

Craig Sparks
Program Director

Ark and Dove School of Music
8424 Piney Orchard Pkwy
Odenton, MD 21108

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